Visibility & Control

Out of all the complexities and challenges that involve bringing M2M products to market – especially around “turning up a couple units” – M2M DataSmart removes the crucial obstacles that most developers, OEMs and startup companies face through providing an efficient, cost-effective and automated platform at your fingertips, so that you can focus on development and commercialization of your solution at a reduced time-to-market benefit for you and your customers. 

M2M DataSmart provides three (3) essential elements to support end-to-end onboarding through our secure, world-class customer activation process and device/usage management portal - available only to customers and partners of M2M DataSmart.

Single & Bulk Activation Support The M2M DataSmart product activation process allows the end user to activate their products on-demand through our direct inbound request system – prior to 1st network use.  This process allows the customer to customize identifiers for hardware devices (by customer, region, application, etc.), select both a billing plan and other custom network parameters for each device…which streamlines the initial logistics process and sets the bar for facilitating larger deployments under a proven step-and-repeat practice for data device management between the customer and M2M DataSmart.  Each M2M DataSmart Customer is assigned a private and secure customer account and administration portal with access for monitoring and control of their units from any internet-based browser.

Cellular Hardware Provisioning & Management All units include a cellular radio that is “provisioned” through the M2M DataSmart cellular network. This step occurs during the provisioning and test process, prior to shipping.  Local configuration of the unit can occur before product activation, but provisioning (& activation) must occur before any data transmissions can be made. The device associated with the activation provisioning parameters will then be assigned to the new account via M2M DataSmart.  Our customers can use the M2M DataSmart on-line tool to monitor, track and suspend a device.  A suspended account can be re-activated exactly when needed by request or by scheduling in advance, and termination of a device can be done by request (only), to which there is no charge.  If a unit is deactivated, there is a one-time fee to reactivate, to which billing will be resumed according to the selected plan. 

Automated Tracking & Billing All billing options and monthly costs are defined in the standard Customer Agreement, to which each customer will receive the right data options that coincide with the anticipated amount of data to be transmitted per month per device. As all active devices that share a common plan will establish a ‘shared data pool’, higher cost rate plans will typically have a lower cost per byte of data each month – which is a motivator for establishing data modeling through use of the M2M DataSmart usage tool.  Monthly usage is automatically measured and recorded by the M2M DataSmart Network Operations Center (NOC).  Per customer request, monthly charges are normally billed to the user’s credit card or they can be invoiced on a Net 15 basis with prior credit approval. 

The cost of excessive transmissions (beyond the amount purchased) is billed at a specified rate as per the plan selected.  The M2M DataSmart system can handle all of the airtime/data billing chores on behalf of our customer.  Contact M2M DataSmart directly for more information on direct billing and billing support (i.e., Bill-on-Behalf) options for your business.