Services & Tools

Along with our advanced engineering services, M2M DataSmart provides best in class carrier level network services and tools that allow for testing validation, network coverage, health and real-time monitoring of data usage across all active devices without the traditional carrier on-boarding required commitments.

·   Bulk activations

·   Developer Airtime accounts (month to month billing for development and testing)

·   Front-end Design Support

·   Carrier Certification Assistance

·   On-boarding Process Development Support

·   Level I – III Device Support

·   Bulk Coverage Lookup tools

·   Tier Network Data Services (GPS, VPN, etc.) available

·   Real-time Data Management/Notification tools

• • • • • • •

M2M DataSmart’s Advanced Engineering Services are provided by degreed engineers with years of expertise and experience in M2M product development. Services available include:

Front-end Design Services

·   Module/Modem selection assistance

·   Reference design review support

·   Antenna design & testing assistance

·   Project Management services


Carrier Certification Assistance

·   Carrier Interface support

·   Antenna performance testing

·   Network firmware (PRL) update support

·   Pre-certification testing support

·   Carrier certification lab documentation completion


On-board Process Development & Support Level 2 & 3 Device Support (Troubleshooting)