M2M Market Segments

M2M DataSmart customers are never funneled into a single vertical segment but are established over a broad range of industries that reflect both early and mid-line adopters of M2M solutions.  M2M DataSmart has expertise and high success in the following segments:

    Transportation/Fleet Solutions – Mass Transit, Light Duty Vehicles, Commercial Trucking Remote Monitoring Solutions – Public Utilities, Field Pump Stations, Fuel Tank Monitor

    Point-of-Sale Solutions – ATM, Parking Meters, Payment Kiosks, Vending Machines

    Asset Tracking Solutions – Cargo shipments, Asset Recovery, Transport Services

    Data Collection Solutions – Field Service Data Capture, Inventory Management

    Telecom Solutions –Business Continuity (WAN Backup), Landline replacement

    Healthcare Solutions – Medical Equipment, Elder Care Consumer Electronics

Overall, M2M DataSmart offers one of the most comprehensive and complete portfolio of M2M solutions that are designed to help the emerging industry adopt cellular connectivity as a core component of their commercial business offering.